You cannot predict the future, but you better know when it's here. Our Square of Nine-Fibonacci-Elliott-JM Hurst techniques can help you do that.
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Fractal Signals Trading System Overview

Ed. This article refers to the charts in the Free Trading System section.

If investors have learned anything the last few years it's that even with the best fundamental screening algorithm in the business, "buy-and-hold" can be a fool's strategy for building wealth...a strategy that depends on eternal revenue growth and a perpetual bull market to bail investors out of sloppy timing decisions.

A fundamental screening list can tell you "what" to buy for a growth portfolio but fundamentals alone seldom tell you "when" to buy. The stock market is a place where people agree on price and disagree on value. You can discuss XYZ's wireless marketing strategy on Silicon Investor and make the most convincing argument that XYZ is a great company, but the simple fact is that all the talk in the world is not going to make you a nickel unless the price you pay for a stock or a forex contract is less than the price others will pay you for it later. Even with superior fundamentals, timing is critical to your stock, commodities and forex trading success. And to the skeptics who crow that you cannot time the market - perhaps they just never learned how.

The Fractal Signals Method uses momentum, and changes in the speed and direction of momentum, to validate price break-outs. The charts make extensive use of color to show changes in momentum and the intuitive likely effect on future price movement. The five colored bars in the center of the pop-up window provide a quick check of momentum over the last five trading sessions. Green for bullish, Red for bearish, and Yellow for transitioning.

The Fractal Trading Signals can be accessed in a pop-up window (click near the mouse icon in the upper-right-corner). Be aware that these are raw signals for illustration purposes only and should be applied only after a thorough analysis of the ticker has been completed.

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