You cannot predict the future, but you better know when it's here. Our Square of Nine-Fibonacci-Elliott-JM Hurst techniques can help you do that.



The purpose of these video tutorials is to speed your learning of the material in the ebooks. The training software is not a substitute for the ebook, nor was it ever intended to be. Several of the techniques discussed in the ebooks are not available on any commercial trading platforms, even those costing $2,000 or more, so to receive the greatest benefit from our material you must learn the underlying principles which can then be adapted for use with your regular trading software. Watch all the videos on YouTube


Watch all the ebook training videos here on the site.


Data Formats

How to navigate the opening screen and an overview of the proper data formats for the training software.

How to export data to the training software. (May become out of date)

Yahoo Finance

How to export Yahoo Finance data to the training software.


How to export AnalyzerXL EOD data to the training software (web page)


How to export MarketClub data to the training software (web page)

Fibonacci Price Projections

The mouse click and command sequence for doing Fibonacci price projections. (Video)

Fibonacci Time Projections

The mouse click and command sequence for doing Fibonacci time projections. (Video)

Square of Nine Concepts

A conceptual background to the Square of Nine and why it is so different and unique.

Roadmap Charts

How to draw roadmap charts and how to use them to sketch out the most likely parameters of the next swing. (private)

Squaring Price & Time

How to use the training software to get the information you need to square price and time. (private)

Hurst Method Overview

A quick (1:50) overview of the Tradingfives Hurst Method of swing trading.

The One Dominant Cycle

How to use the Hurst Method to uncover the one dominant cycle in your trading time frame and apply it to trend, swing and counter swing trading. (private)

Hurst Tools

A walk through the purpose and function of the tools in the Hurst training software. (private)

Using the Hurst Tools

How to use the Time tool to forecast a price and time zone for a swing termination. Using the E tool, the R tool, and the Time tool to trade a swing in progress. (private)

Vanilla Options Toolbox Tutorial

The Vanilla Options Toolbox is a small program used to compute implied volatility and evaluate call and put stock options.

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